Mason Jar painting coming to a Goodwill Store near you!

Mason Jar

I don’t know why but today I decided I was going to practice painting. No more being afraid of the paint!

I didn’t want to be too ambitious so I chose a tiny canvas, 5×7 inches and a mason jar as my model. I ended up spending way too long on a painting that ultimately, I am very unhappy with. I wanted to capture the light in the Pop Art style but ended up as usual, being very literal in my color choices. The colors are also muddy, which is not good when you’re trying to depict water and light in a believable way. The shape of the mason jar is also all wrong, so not only do I need to practice painting, but I also need to brush up on my drawing skills. I had to give up because I spent more time than I had planned on it and felt like I was just over-working the paint. The damage was done. All I could do was learn my lesson and move on. I only wish it had taken just a couple of hours instead it actually took about five.

I’m feeling frustrated and defeated. Moments like these make me doubt if I’ll ever get better? I wonder if I’m just wasting my time? On the bright side, this is the first painting I’ve finished and signed in years, so at least there’s that! I figure someone at the Goodwill store might like it, so I’m putting it in the donations bin.

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