March 2014: Most productive month in a very, very long time

rooster_closeupJust like the title says, this March has been the most productive I’ve had in ages! It’s pretty sad that four small paintings and some embroidery could be considered remarkable, but there it is. I’ve done my best for this month, as an artist, I’ve pushed myself hard to paint at least every other day.

I made the small black sake cup painting the day after I completed the pencil sharpener. It was a quickie and I tried not to get too hung up on the details and perfection. It’s super tiny too, so it felt like I made a small doodle. I’m not happy with the end result, but I have to admit I wasn’t exactly trying too hard. The cherry tomatoes, on the other hand, took a couple of weeks. I didn’t mean to spend so much time on it but I loved the color combination and wanted to make it as correct as possible. I’m actually happy enough with it to let it go and soon will be on sale at a Goodwill store, somewhere around here, I guess.

What I am proud of with the tomatoes is that I spent the time making the background. I was going to leave it beige, or something neutral, but I decided to just go ahead and do the foliage and the window. Those kinds of details used to scare me, or bore me, in the past. But I’ve decided that I need to stop being so lazy when it comes to things like that. I get scared that it’s too hard and that I’ll get bored because of it, but in actuality it is very interesting figuring how to solve the problem. I’m really glad that I pushed myself with this painting. I know it’s not perfect, but as far as I say, it’s done!

Speaking of done, I think I’m close to finishing the rooster painting I started two years ago. It’s the largest piece I’ve ever done, 44×40, or there about. I’ve been struggling with the background because I want the rooster itself to just pop! But, it was fading into the background when it was a flat grey. So I added some thin black lines in random placing to add a little dimension and pizzaz, I suppose. Yesterday I decided to risk it all and paint the background a dark purple-black. Now the rooster looks like it’s going to jump out of the painting. I am extremely happy with the direction it’s going. I am very optimistic that I will be signing it by the end of next week, if not sooner. I am excited to begin a new rooster, Ayam Cemani, a special type of rooster that is completely black, including the meat and organs! I’m shopping for a canvas tomorrow, and having lunch with my daughter OE.

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